Does anyone know what happened to UK's Always Authentic?

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  1. I just wanted to take a look at their website and this is what it said:

    "always authentic - designer handbag agency is currently not trading from the Triangle Shopping Centre.

    All items are currently being returned and will start to arrive from Monday 11th October.

    Those clients with outstanding payments will be contacted in due course."

    Does anyone know what happened? Their ebay store doesn't have any listings either. It just seems strange to me this is all that that they let people know after being in business for so long and I haven't seen any announcements that they were planning to stop either.

    Makes me glad they already paid me my consigned goods :sweatdrop:

    But I still would like to know what happened there, because I can only try to guess now.
  2. Hi Roxana,
    You've just put in a nutshell what I've been thinking!
    My latest consignment cheque came through 2 weeks ago, though I still was waiting for a couple of payments (albeit not very large) - Emma had said one was an e-cheque they were waiting to clear and the other was the final on a Layaway at the end of September. I was supposed to be receiving these 2 last payments any day now, but I'm guessing I can kiss goodbye to these!!
    You're correct in saying they'd been no indication of the store closing - I can only assume that their new shop in Manchester has proved too expensive to run - maybe the North of England isn't THE place to be selling high end designer goods?
    If anyone else out there can throw some light on the seeming demise of Always Authentic, I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  3. Hmm I can only think they are moving again / taking a break / illness. I don't see it as a demise just yet..
  4. Well, it's weird, the message really sounds like a third party intervention. If they are on a break, they'd inform their clients, don't you think?

    Ifeather, I really hope you get your money back! Let us know if you hear anything from them.

    You never know though, they might return to purely internet-consigning. It would be a waste to let go a good reputation I think.
  5. Always Authentic - update:
    Good News!! I received my cheque today along with the last item I had on consignment with them. Emma had kindly put a note on the envelope with the cheque inside to advise I should cash the cheque asap - it was a long story, but I needed to act quickly otherwise the cheque may not clear......
    Whether Always Authentic will resume in time, we can only wait and see - best of luck to both Emma & Darren - I wish them well for the future.
  6. It does sound like they're in examinership of some description, hence the warning about getting the cheque cleared. I hope all turns out well for them despite the odds.
  7. Not sure if this has been posted - but Always Authentic - who had a store on eBay, a website and also more recently a store in The Triangle Shopping Centre in Manchester - have ceased trading.

    As recently as 5th October - they were extolling their virtues in a local Manchester newspaper - saying that business was good, and that they had lots of experience. One part of the partnership saying that she could 'spot a fake a mile away'. I think there would be questions on that statement.

    Last week they were still asking for items to be sent to them, taking items in and asking for services. On Thursday of last week - the store closed. The website showed a message that they were not trading from their premises at that time.

    Several girls had items which had been consigned to them, and clearly were concerned with regard to what was going to happen to them. On Monday - a further message was posted on their website stating that items would be returned starting on the 11th October, and payments owed would also be forwarded.

    One girl I know has had a cheque for part of monies owed, which is currently going through the Banking System for payment. However, she has now received a notification this morning to the effect that Always Authentic are in ADMINISTRATION - and it doesn't look like the money will be forthcoming. She is owed a considerable sum of money, and she will not be the only one.

    She was told categorically this week by one partner of the business - via SMS - that she would receive payment - and now has been told that this is not the case.

    Please - if you have had a problem with Always Authentic - let us know -

    It is possible that they may set up in the future - and we need to be aware and vigilant. They have - to an extent - scammed consumers - and this is a desperate situation for some girls who have lost money.

    I'm shocked - they had a decent reputation - and have done the 'dirty'.

    A dreadful situation.
  8. I received a letter from them today informing me that they were entering into Administration and would not be able to pay me for the Louis Vuitton they sold for me.

    If you have been lucky enough to receive a cheque from them I would cash it asap!
  9. Unfortunately if they are in administration they are not allowed pay back certain creditors ahead of others. Their hands are legally tied.
  10. It sounds like they didn't intentionally scam people, but it is horrible some ladies may not get their money. I wonder if we will hear from them again, hopefully they will try to make it right.

  11. Whilst that may be the case, from reading the message boards, it appears that quite a number of ladies received cheques for monies owed last week, whilst others received letters informing them that they would not be paid.
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    thanks for that!^

    I found a link to another forum there where they are discussing this:

    xxx not allowed

    It's true what vermillion says about them not paying properly for months. I always had to ask a few times for my money. I think my 'luck' has also been that I used my owed money mostly as a store credit and usually just buying another bag with them. I guess they then just swifted the owed money to the other person of that particular item then...

    When I think of it, I posted a thread here before about them trying to pay me less when they suddenly said I had to pay VAT over the money they owed me. I insisted that was never anywhere in their terms and luckily they 'waved' it for that time because (as they stated it) I wasn't aware of it.
    That stunt makes more sense now.....
  13. I also used Always Authentic regularly and they did not owe me any money but returned my bag I had with them. I visited the shop on a Thursday during the day and was told by security of the Triangle that they had shut up the shop for the afternoon and presumably the shop never reopened. I wish them well as I genuinely liked them. Does anybody know of anyone else that can authenticate a bag in person rather than online as I struggle to get decent photos from my camera.
  14. tesquash - I think that the way it was done was less than business-like - and there are a number of girls who have been left owed money - and in truth - may never get it. That is fundamentally wrong - and whilst I know both Darren and Emma - I think that 'honesty is the best policy'. They were still accepting items that entire week - not good IMO.

    As for authentication of a bag 'in person'. It is possible - you would have to forward the item to one of the Authentication Services - then it would be checked - and returned to you. As far as I'm aware - any of the services would offer that option to you.

    It can be difficult to get decent photos - but if they are taken in good natural/daylight then thats a good starting point.:smile: