does anyone know what else is...

  1. coming for spring and what the colors might be? also, i can't find an alli anywhere; they're not on the website anymore...i want to get a nice coach and will spend up at 450ish...thinking maybe the blue carly but wondering what other colors it will be coming in...any thoughts...ideas..suggestions???!?!
  2. The Ali's haven't been on the website for awhile. They went to the outlets recently and there are quite a few on eBay now. There are threads on the forum with lots of pics of the current Spring bags such as the Madelines, new embossed stripe bags, the Heritage line and the new bleecker colors. I'd do a search. There are supposed to be new pleated Ergos coming out in a couple of months or so but I don't know what colors those will come in. And the Elisa (or is it the Felicia) is supposed to come in some new colors too. There's probably more but I can't remember it all. I'd browse through the threads though, there's an abundance of info on the forum right now! Hope that all helps! Oh, and I don't think we've heard about new leather carly colors right now. The blue slim carly is really pretty though!
  3. If you don't like anything right now I would suggest maybe waiting until the fall 08 legacy line comes out to see if there is something you may want. Maybe you could call around to some outlets to find an Ali or buy one on eBay. I think the 07 shoulder bags are nice but too small for me, other than that, nothing legacy from 07 to me is really appealing. the Leighs are cute but the strap drop seems short and they have a lot going on. Good luck !