Does Anyone Know what delivery service Balenciaga, NY uses???

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    I am in CA and I was told a couple of days ago that I should get my bag today. It's now 4:30pm, my regular mailman has come and gone, and still no bag. Since the store is now closed I can't get any info from them. Does anyone know what carrier they use? Thanks much!
  2. ups.
  3. They use UPS.

    Its too late now, cause BalNY is closed, but you can call them to track your package for you, tomorrow.

    I live in CA too and purchased from them on Friday last week. Yesterday, my bag arrived one day ahead of schedule via UPS Ground.

    So I don't know what's up with your package?
  4. Deana, sometimes UPS delivers pretty late. I know they've come knockin' on my door at 7pm before!
  5. This is true. UPS will deliver until 7 pm.

    I hope that your bag is at least on the late bus!
  6. Yea...UPS delivers really late! I hope it comes tonight!!!!
  7. My UPS man doesn't come until 6:30pm sometimes... so don't give up hope! :smile:
  8. if the tracking states that delivery is today, the UPS carrier have to deliver ALL packages on the truck!!
  9. Oh Deana, I'm sorry you haven't gotten your bag yet, I hope it comes tonight!
  10. hopefully it will come SOON!!!
  11. :yahoo::yahoo:
    I don't know how to explain it, because in photos and the tassels next to some old Eggplant tassels I still have, the colors look very similar. But when looking at the bag IRL, it is definitely more vibrant than my Eggplant City was. It is a real chameleon in different lighting, but it still is a more vibrant purple than Eggplant IRL. If anyone else has a Violet bag, and has one or has seen an Eggplant bag and thinks the same, help me out in trying to explain it. I may not be able to describe what I mean, but I love the color so much more than my Eggplant because of the brighter purple hue.
    The tassels are a little on the thin side. Not fragile though, but not as thick as my Eggplant tassels. There is definitely more distressing in the leather than the 04's and 05's, but not overly so. And the leather is definitely thick, and I can tell it will only get better with time!
    I am in shock right now, because besides this bag I just bought a 05 BG Pink Planet (my first ever), and a 05 BG Pink Work. Both in brand new condition and both unexpected. And literally in the last minute I finished a transaction for a BG Pink Coin Purse (my first ever)! I know I am going to feel guilty tomorrow, especially if I don't pick something to sell, but right now I am too excited to care!!!
    I promise to get pictures as soon as possible!
    And thank you to the two lovely pf-ers I met on eBay and bought the planet and coin purse from! You were both super sweet!
  12. HOLY MOLY GIRL!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    GET BUSY ON THOSE PICS!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  13. Yeah, I want to see some of those amazing pictures you take, Deana!
  14. That's great news, Deana!! :yahoo:I am also excited to see your pics! Congrats on all your lovely new items!! :tup:
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    ^^^ that's for you too olms!