Does anyone know what day the March PCE will start?

  1. I just wondered if anyone had heard anything yet? :girlsigh:
  2. I am so hoping I get a coupon.
  3. Me too Bag&ShoeLover!!!! I have been stashing away extra cash JUST in time for this! :smile:
  4. March 7 I think
  5. That would be awesome since that is 2 days after my birthday!
  6. I got a call from my SA saying that the March PCE is usually like the second or third week in March... she told me that I don't even need the coupon... she said that I'm just on her "list"... this will be the first time that I'm on the "list" since I never was before even though I have bought from the same COACH store numerous times... I'm pretty psyched! :tup:
  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT!!!! :yahoo:
  8. We have close birthdays...mine is the 4th. I am hoping for a pce card too- buying my own birthday present this year. At least I know I will love what I get for myself. :yes:
  9. Ohhh I hope I get a card this time. *fingers crossed*
  10. I will gladly take a PCE card if anyone is not planning on using theirs! :p

    How far in advance do they send out the cards?

    And does anyone know if they will give customers the discount who mention the event, but do not actually have a card?
  11. I remember last year and the year before, it was the 3rd week in March. It is around St. Patricks Day. But maybe they are doing it earlier this year? I hope I get another card. I "need" (read: want) more stuff.
  12. Hey fashionista... I thought I would be receiving a card as well, but I just let my SA know that I wasn't getting the PCE cards, as long as you have made a few purchases from the same COACH store, they should be able to put you on their "list" of being a preferred customer... My SA just told me should we call me in March to let me know of the PCE and that I don't need a card... :yes:
  13. I was also told March 7.
  14. Hmm, since my Coach store is new, I have only made one purchase there so far and it was only a ponytail scarf! Perhaps I should pay them another visit this weekend to get something else? Are accessories enough or would I need to make a bigger purchase? I got my tax return and am wanting to get a new bag, but I would rather wait if I can PCE, KWIM?!
  15. I'm going to be in NYC then!!! my very first time!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if someone would like to give me theirs...I'll return the favor when or if I ever become a PC