Does anyone know what colors the MONTAIGNE bag comes in?

  1. I think I've finally realized which BV bag is perfect for me. The fact that the Montaigne bag can be converted into a tote sealed the deal for me, but I am still unsure about the color.

    Does anyone know which colors it comes in? So far I've seen it in Nero, Ebano, Carmine, Noce, Pergamena, and Magnolia. Thank you! :smile:
  2. It is also being made in the intreccio stripe, with woven nero/favorite/carmino as seen on page 22 of the online catalogue. It actually looks really really cool. $3550 ....
  3. LIMO too.

    24, have you tried one IRL? While they open up to a different shape, I personally found it a bit petite to use as a tote...

    Good luck with your search!
  4. Thanks, jane and blugenie. Oh yes, I do remember seeing that one, jane. Blugenie, yes, I tried on a Montaigne IRL and it's perfect. I'm only 5'1" so it's the perfect sized tote for me! Hmmm, Limo would probably be very interesting...
  5. I've seen it in Quarzo, too. And if I recall correctly, someone posted a store photo a month or so ago that showed one in Corallo.
  6. Yep, the Montaigne bag did come in Corallo as well. Bete_noire, someone did post store pics of it, that one is me, hehe :graucho:. Please find the pics below:
    BV montaigne-salmon.JPG BV montaigne-red.JPG
  7. Oh goodness, CORALLO! :drool: That might be my fave :heart:

    And yes, who could forget koukanamiya's stunning quarzo:

    I tried it in Limo but it felt a bit stodgy? I think the Montaigne's traditional shape deserves a fashion color to give it some pop.... but that's me!
    Limo Montaigne.jpg Limo Montaigne 2.jpg
  8. I agree with bluegenie the Montaigne looks better with a pop of colours like Quarzo or Carmine. I love Limo but somehow feels it kinda dull the Montagine, kwim. How about Noce? I noticed you like brown/orangey colours in your H. Then again you might want a change. I still think Carmine is perfect for the Montaigne.
  9. Thanks for posting the pics again, gemibebe. This style really is special with vibrant colours.
  10. I agree, Montaigne looks good in colours!
  11. I agree that the montaigne is a bag that looks great in bright colors. My pick would be carmine; I am intrigued by the striped montaigne, love all 3 colors and it is very striking.
  12. the bag looks good in corallo, i think that'd be my favorite colour..
    but, the BV indonesian's store doesn't have anything in that colour yet..
  13. Magnolia, Carmine, and Limo Coco lave are my fav.

    BTW, it comes in Bianco, too.
  14. The intreccio stripe montaigne looks absolutely gorgeous online, I wonder how it looks like irl? Have anyone seen it?
  15. Thank you very much for your replies, bete_noire, gemibebe, bluegenie, ms piggy, mlbags, OB, esc 510, uclaboi, and crabtreemeeko!

    Gemibebe and blugenie, thanks for the pics! Now I remember you had mentioned Corallo, gemibebe. Blugenie, now that I've seen pics of it in Limo, I will pass on that color.

    Ms piggy, I love other colors, too! Carmine is very tempting but I'm looking for an everyday color that would not show wear too easily with a lot of use. I still don't know, because Carmine is SO gorgeous.

    Thanks again, everyone.