Does anyone know what colors the Lola came in?

  1. I know there's the teal, dusty plum, red, cream, and black...was there a marigold (yellow) color? I remember someone telling me there was, but I've NEVER seen one. I could be completely off-base, here.

    Also, does anyone know of the styles from that set? Tere, Lola, what else? I've been shuffling through the pinned threads trying to find photos, but I'm not doin' so well.


    ETA: I'm thinking there was a marigold pochette, not a marigold Lola? What were the different styles? For some reason, this line of bags is like, my holy grail. I'm always on the search for one! It's driving me NUTSO! :weird:
  2. OMFG Jun3 - Those photos make me want the bag even MORE! This bag has eluded me since 2004. Seriously. I need a hobby. :p

    That teal...OMFG...I NEED THAT BAG!! :hysterical:

    Beany - I can't see the auction! But the red Lola...OMG...I saw her in person once and had to control myself so I wouldn't run up and snatch the bag off the girl's shoulder! :roflmfao:

    And the cute little umbrella...oy. I must have it!

    So we know there was the red, teal, black, cream, dusty plum, POSSIBLY marigold (but most likely not). What were the other bags? I like the single FLAT strap on the Lola, as well as the umbrella pocket, but the aesthetic of the others in that line is really appealing as well.

    BTW, jun3 - LOVE the photo! The vest is adorable!
  3. hahhaha...i thought those elux photots would get you drooling. im very intrigued by the marigold possibility...i love that color....and the blakc is just lushious! see now...see what you've done...??? im starting to get excited over these bags! :push: ban ban ban....:noggin::ban:
  4. MPJ
    the red lola (at least I thought it was a lola) is in the completed listings, buy now, item no was 220174545212, it sold for $600, too much for me but it was lovely :drool:.
  5. Oh wow, that bag is gorgeous! :drool: But it's not a Lola - no umbrella pouch! So what is it, then?

    This is what I want to know - what were the names of the styles that had that look besides the Lola and the little pochette? :confused1: