Does anyone know what colors NM & Saks bought in the reg hw Brief & Step?

  1. Thanks!
  2. NM has jaune and black, they did not order violet (per my SA, but who knows?) Saks has violet, I'm not sure what other colors Saks ordered. Those are the only colors I know of for sure. BalNY had jaune, black and pine earlier this week.
  3. I can add Saks ordered Tabac, a dark brown, in the step. I saw one there.
  4. Is that for the Step or the Brief? TIA!
  5. Step.
  6. My SA said the same thing, NM only ordered the step in jaune and black.
  7. Is the step ever being released in ocean?
  8. Not NM or Saks but I just received an email from Aloha Rag and they have the step in Black, Plomb, Tabac, Ivory, Violet, and Jaune.
  9. Thanks gwen :smile:
  10. I wonder if anyone will get it in Vert Fonce? Wouldn't that be lovely?!
  11. anyone know the price (US$) of the RH Step?
  12. I think mine was $1165.00
  13. Confirming price of the step bag is $1165 USD.
  14. NM in SF has the step in jaune. Called this morning.
  15. Which Saks has the Step?