Does anyone know what color this "celadon" mattelase bag on Bluefly is?

  1. Mastic?
  2. Celadon would imply green right?
  3. Maybe vert d'eau? Maybe another fake?
  4. I think natural or greige... it looks gorgeous to me... I was drooling over the thought of that bag too!
  5. I wonder if it's the Ivoire (Ivory) from last season? For this past summer, Balenciaga made the Matelasse in pure White ... but prior to that, they had an Ivory color.

    However ... Celadon does usually describe a color that has a green hue; maybe the Bluefly folks are color-blind? :confused1:
  6. I looked at the picture again ... it's the Ivoire/Ivory color ...
  7. Gosh, Ceejay, it looked too "cold" to me to be the ivoire... I checked Ivoire as well on Diabro ( and it looks a lot yellower. This looks almost like a pale, pale celery. Or maybe it's just that the pic taken was really bad. But why call it celadon then?!
  8. You know what ... now that you mention it, Balenciaga did make a Whistle bag in a strange Celadon color, and the name that was used to describe it was "Celery"! Maybe this is the Celery color ???
  9. Maybe at Balenciaga there was a patch of Celery leather in excess, and so they thought to make a random Matelasse out of it?! :nuts:
  10. whoever's naming these bags at bluefly may only be seeing the pics that we see... and it does look a bit greenish...probably a white or ivoire.