Does anyone know what color is this?!

  1. Hi~
    I wanted a more yellowish tone, Does anyone know what color is it??!
  2. Oh Yea~~ my friend is thinking of buying this bag for me.. the price for this bag is $1125.

    Can anyone give me opinions on whether or not if it's worth it?! Cuz it's not on season right now..
  3. Where did you find this bag? I love the color.
  4. My friend is in France... so she saw this bag on sale.. I'm debating if I should get it or not..
  5. You HAVE to get this bag. I wanted it, but don't think available here anymore. I think it's the one nicole richie has. I'd say it's basically yellow. Very pretty. Makes a statement. Don't worry about it not being in season. Do you know how many people would get this color if they could right now? GET IT!!!!
  6. Yeah~~ I think I might just get it... lol..

    just need to get it authenticate before she ships it over to me.. thx for your suggestion^^
  7. This bag is gorgeous and you should definitely get it. Although I think it's a different color than the one Nicole Richie has. Hers is yellow and this one looks like an Ivory.