Does anyone know what bag this is?

  1. Can anyone tell me what this bag is on the cover of this older catalog? Maybe even a style number? I love the look of it and would like to "research it", but don't know where to start. :confused1:
    (I don't have this catalog.)
  2. the pic is a little too small. It looks like a satchel of some sort.
  3. hope you find it, it's cute.
  4. That's it! Thanks so much. I love this forum full of experts!:cutesy:
  5. Pic is a bit small but looks like a Daphne.
  6. There should be a sticky to identify bags/items
  7. It would be a good sticky, it goes along with authenticating and eBay finds

    and thanks for the compliment! I would love to do it since I'm home all day.

  8. That's what I was thinking! Go apply! *nudge nudge* you and kallison are both ideal for it methinketh. :yes: then YOU can sticky that thread! hehe.