Does anyone know what bag this is?

  1. Does anyone know who makes this bag that Jennifer Garner wore throughout the movie Catch and Release? I am obsessed with it and have to have it! Please help if you can :smile:


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  3. I did a google search and came up with nothing. ;) Sorry!

    I just didn't want you to think you were being ignored.

    Good luck!
  4. Sorry, I tried doing a search on it as well. No luck.

    Bump... hopefully someone else can find out for you.
  5. Sorry no clue here :/
    but hopefully someone here can help you out :smile:
  6. I did find this.... a place to find stuff that stars were wearing.

    They have a community area where you might be able to ask around. :yes:
  7. It looks a little bit like an Ani Logan bag (((( anibags )))). But the Ani has magnetic snap pockets instead of the buckles. Hope you find it though!
  8. ask timberland