Does anyone know what bag Mischa is carrying?

  1. Anyone?
  2. hmmm, Nancy Gonzalez crocodile "alma" style satchel? maybe not, i don't think it has gold hardware to attached the handles to the bag, but it is yummy. Love the glossy croc!
  3. I don't think it's Nancy Gonzalez. From a larger picture that I saw it looked more like smooth leather but who knows
  4. It's a Chloe quilted bay bag. There's lots of threads on it in the Chloe forum. I love it and want it so badly!
  5. That's one pretty bag :biggrin:
  6. Yup, absolutely Chloe quilted Bay! :love:
  7. it's a Chloe.
  8. yeah, chloé!
  9. yup.. chloe bay it is
  10. Mischa is carrying a Chloe quilted bay in chocolate brown.
  11. Ahhh, the Chloe quilted Bay. I saw it in person yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  12. yup, it's chloe, see it IRL, but the shape is too stiff for my taste :p

  13. Def chloe bay, i could spot that bag a mile away! HAHA
  14. It's a gorgeous Chloe!!
  15. I want that bag so badly....:drool:

    Will it EVER go on sale?