Does anyone know what bag I'm talking about?

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  1. Yesterday I saw the most gorgeous Chanel bag!! A lady was carrying it and I wanted to stare at it so bad but I didn't want to look crazy. Anyways I've tried looking through this forum to see if I can find it but no luck. I would say it's very similar to the Ritz bag but I don't think it had that diamond pattern throughout the entire bag just the bottom portion. It had the crackly patent leather look similar to the Ritz also. The only pics of the Ritz I've seen are the smaller version. Could I be talking about the large size? Help!
  2. was it a flap bag, more structured? or was it less structured and more slouchy like the cabas?
  3. It did have a flap and was more structured. Def not like the slouchyness of the cabas.
  4. i'm stumped... all the bags that i can think of with the patent leather have the quilting all the way through (not just on part of the bag).
  5. I got it!! It is the Ritz but the larger version. Thank goodness I saw that lady again ( I work at a doctor's office & she came in again) and she had the bag so I got a better look at it. Can this bag still be purchased? Is it hard to find?
  6. curious to know what color was she carrying? did she dress casual or was she dressed up? wondering because i was able to get a navy distressed large ritz, it was the only large one at my boutique (loooooove the blue) and that was about a month and half ago. i know that they still have the smaller ones in black and brown.
  7. She had the black patent. She was dressed pretty casual with jeans and a cute jacket and it looked good. Do you by chance have the item # for the large version so I can call Chanel in the morning to see if I can still get my hands on it? Thanks
  8. Good luck! Sounds pretty!
  9. look like post #2 in the reference library thread for the ritz has the style# you need: