Does anyone know what bag Angelina Jolie is carrying...

  1. who made this bag.
    ang bag.jpg
  2. I believe that is a Gerard Darel Dublin a Pompons:tup:
  3. thanks... it is so cute..
    $400 !!!
  4. you know what..while i was browsing thru NM the other day i saw this at last call for $149 but it was already not in stock when i saw it!such a tease...NM...:crybaby:the bag is really cute!
  5. That bag is cute but seems sooooooooooo not Angie!~
  6. ITA!!! It's not black or white. I'm shocked she branched out to a beige purse!
  7. It reminds me of the Fendi's from a couple of years ago. She loves to wear Botkier a lot too although I know that bag isn't a Botkier.
  8. Does anyone know if this can be purchased online anywhere still??