Does anyone know what are the specs of Claudia's Kelly?

  1. Dear Fellow H-Lovers

    Handybag's posted this pic courtesy of " Beastofthefields - "stars" thread" in another member's thread. However, while the thread was all about shades of H blue, my eyes were transfixed by the stunning Kelly carried by Claudia Schiffer in the hermes photo montage. This is the most gorgeous of bags - I would love it if one of you knowledgeable purseformites could tell me or guess at the size, colour and leather of Claudia's Kelly. I would be so very grateful. Thanks! Please click on photo for larger version.
    Hermes melange.jpg
  2. It looks like a gold on gold kelly in either a 28 or 32... in clemence or togo. I am leaning more towards clemence because it is a little pliable and I think more of a 28 size.
  3. Thanks for your sweet response Ghost. I was thinking it was possibly gold too. But wasn't sure - it looks a bit squished - in a good way - so possibly it's vintage? I thought it could be a smoother leather - possibly swift that would also slouch?

    I would really like to edit the title of this thread - its sounds so wrong! It should be "Does anyone know the specs of Claudia's Kelly?"
  4. I am pretty sure the bag is at least a 32 (Claudia is pretty tall and 28 would look pretty small on her frame). I am just guessing though.
  5. I'd second that.
  6. Clemence 32 Gold on gold?
  7. Is it too dark for Havane?? It looks to have a reddish tone...very soft leather. Clemence? I'm comparing it to the picture on the same page right which appears to be a gold picotin?? Whatever it is, it's a much lighter color than the Kelly.
  8. Might it be natural barenia?
  9. it could be noisette. and it is at least a 32 given her size. gorgeous.
  10. I have the same bag (and the same first name and the same nationality, lol)
    It looks like a 32 barenia Kelly, GHW.