does anyone know this

  1. The last time I was at my outlet two weeks ago they didn't have it...
  2. I heard that some outlets have it, but the ellenton outlet dosent have it yet.
  3. Ellenton had 1 of the little pouches yesterday. They put it out while i was there.
  4. I have been bouncing back and forth between two different outlets quite a bit lately, but I have not seen them.
    I do remember someone posting that they did see them sometime before Christmas though.
  5. not that i know of, but they have them at my macys. well they had 1 anyways. my mom was so close to buying it! i thought it was ugly but its actually pretty irl.
  6. I think I remember some members have posted here saying they've seen it. Each outlet carry different things so it's possible that a couple outlets have it. Your best bet is to call them and ask if they have it.
  7. Really:smile: did they have anything else new?
  8. the holiday patchwork is still in the full price Coach stores. A bag never remains on the Coach website if it has been retired to the outlet.
  9. Sure they do...I have found many items at outlet that are online...Legacy frame wallet, bleecker items (tons), mini skinnys, etc. etc. etc.
  10. That's not always true... they still have the large flap bleeckers and wallets up on their site, even in rust and wine and I just bought those yesterday at the outlet!!! BTW I was in the Vegas outlets and they did not have that patchwork bag.
  11. Didn't see that at our local outlet. But Macy's had it.
  12. My outlets have nothing good, so no here!!!!!
  13. I've only seen the random returned ones at the one in Tilton.
  14. Yes not true about the comment about not having a item in the coach outlet while they are still on the website. I've seen many items at the outlets and are still on the website. For example, this bag the holiday patchwork tote I've seen recently at the Las Vegas Outlets and San Diego Outlets. HTH!!!