Does anyone know this seller?...

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  1. pinklady98....? I won an item and I have emailed her 4 times already. I have even paid for it but there's still no reply from her. I'm concerned because I've seen activity on her account because since winning the item, she's posted a few more items for bidding... Which means she must've read my emails already. She's got good feedback and is a MPRS. I don't know, I'm just paranoid....
  2. I bought a lv from her before and it was fine, maybe it the holiday she usually slow on her email. When did your auction end?
  3. Oooh.. Sunday heheheh I know it's silly for me to get worried that soon but it was my first time bidding on a handbag on ebay. All the horror stories just mde me paranoid I guess... Oh and she replied already. :biggrin:
  4. Oh , happy to hear that, by the way what did you get?