Does anyone know this place?

  1. I was in Beverly Hills the other day, making my way down Dayton Way to Rodeo Drive, when I passed a shop that had shoes and bags--I think it's called Rene Mancini, but I won't swear to that. Anyway, lots of the bags, which were BEAUTIFUL, by the way, looked exactly like Birkins and Kellys. Does anyone know about this place? Are they fakes? How does a high priced shop, where many of these bags were selling for thousands of dollars, get away with that? I think I need an education on that, since these were not cheaply made bags. Most were croc bags or other exotic skins, and done in a rainbow of lovely colors.

    Does anyone know the shop I mean? It's like a half block east of Rodeo, on the north side of the street. :shrugs: