Does anyone know this notepad?

  1. I love the Ulysse notepads, but one would get bent and abused inside my ginormous and messy Longchamp bag...
    I remember seeing this notepad in a magazine a few years ago (?) and came across it in an ebay auction (finished).
    Does anyone know the name of this notebook? Is this togo? And any idea of the price?
    I think it's cute! :heart:


  2. It's a "Cahier roulé". comes in veau gulliver (gold / orange / blue jean / vert olive)
    It's a kind of sketch book, the paper is very very thin. call in french "Papier bible". :flowers:
  3. Oh thank you! :flowers: I was hesitating to PM you because I was sure you would know the answer but I didn't want to hassle you :P
    I will have a look at it tomorrow since I'm going to the mothership, but if it is papier bible, it's too thin for me... I have to take lots of notes :shrugs:
    I will check it out tomorrow!
  4. And it's tough to make proper notes as the paper is folded up - I hate to write on paper that's folded or scrunched up, better to just get the regular note book, sorry just my 2 cents' worth.
  5. No, I 100% agree with you :smile: