does anyone know this gucci britt?

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  1. anyone knows if there is such a black britt bag seen in the pic 1 below that there is the signature green red green web behind the 2 GG logos? (like the green red green web behind the logo seen in pic 2)

    also, for pic 2, is there a black version? does anyone know?

    thanks lotss!!!:yes:
    gucci britt.jpg gucci britt 2.jpg
  2. Visit Gucci - they do have purses on their website with the red/green stripes behind the gold gucci symbol.
  3. i've seen both of these bags in the Gucci store they both come in black w/gold gg's or the brown with the red/green stripe behind the gg's. both of them are beautiful.

  4. hi there, thanks for telling me, they r beautiful yeah:yes: does the brown one i posted has a black version of it? thanks lotss!!:lol:
  5. I was at the Gucci store in Atlanta yesterday and they had both bags in black and brown. The SA to ask for is Jemy pronounced Jamie.
  6. thanks lotsss:yes:
  7. I have the black britt (first pic) and it does not have the red/green logo behind the G's, I wish it did too. And yes, the larger britt (second pic) does come in black. HTH
  8. I have the second one in Brown..Its amazing!
  9. thanks all for replying!! yes, i love the bag in the 2nd pic but i tink it would look even more amazing in black with the green/red/green web behind the GG logo...with just the GG logo, i feel it looks too plain..:s
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