Does anyone know this color??

  1. Hi all, looking for some help...I was told that there's a new "camel" color for 2008 and I saw these RTW pix and thought it might be it. I know "camel" is subjective (i.e. many shades can be described as "camel"), but this is the color that I'd want for my first Birkin. :graucho: I think it would go well with the blacks, browns, camels, grays and oranges in my closet.

    I'd love a clemence or togo leather, but these photos look like box...maybe?? :confused1: Still learning my leathers....;)

    Thanks for any help! It's much appreciated!! :cutesy:
    Hermes Birkin_RTW08.jpg Hermes Birkin_RTW08a.jpg
  2. I am guessing that's curry. It's very mustardy in person.
  3. Oh no....mustard, like Gulden's? ICK! :yucky: I don't consider that camel...but like I said the word is subjective. Maybe, I should see it up close and personal before I judge it. It looks great on the model!! But she's wearing something very neutral and is stunning!! :p

    I want Natural Sable in the worst way, but heard that the color is no longer available for Birkins....:crybaby:

    Thanks CynthiaNYC!
  4. I can't be sure, but am going to go with vache natural on this one....
  5. Gorgeous, whatever it is!
  6. Hmmm - does look a bit like vache naturel but this bag looks like old fashioned curry powder. I didn't think that I would like it but I do. I would expect vache naturel to look a bit more tan. If it is curry I'd love to see more up close - and I'm not normally a fan of yellows.
  7. Vache natural hasn't a sheen like the skin in this picture and is rigid. It most likely won't show the folds like the skin in this runway shot.

    I think it's Curry in Swift.
  8. Oh MrsSparkles, swift would be lovely! I know it's not as hardy as togo or clemence (which is what I pine for...), but if it's the right color, swift would be just fine as I understand that fine scratches can be rubbed out and deeper scratches can be handled with a spa treatment. :tup:

    I have been thinking about the curry color and I am wondering if it's close to "camel." I was looking at my Tods bag today, and I think some could describe it as mustard...Grey Poupon perhaps... :graucho:

    I have attached a picture of the color that I am searching for. Natural Sable comes close, but I don't think they offer it in togo or clemence.

    Thanks everyone for your input!! :flowers:
    Camel Leather.jpg

  9. That is what I thought too!!!