Does anyone know this brand of sunglasses?

  1. Nope, sorry maybe someone else can help.
  2. sorry i'm not sure either :sad:

    the girl that's wearing them is hot though! i can't tell who it is.
  3. i have no idea....they are funky!
  4. it looks like cheryl tweedy from girls aloud wearing them. i think they are by lara bohinc
  5. hmm...roberto cavalli? sorry, i dont really recognize them!
  6. These sunglasses are by Lara Bohinc and are called -
    Lara Bohinc 107 Rachel Sunglasses
    Although, i believe they are from last seasons collection...however, this seasons collection has similar styles, shown on her website. Hope this helps!
  7. Cherry Pie and Amywilliams - Thank you so much for ID-ing them! I'm off to look for a pair now! :smile: