Does anyone know this bag?

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this bag? Or has anyone seen it?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. It's 2014 SS.

    Hermès Mini Convoyeur Wallet In Evercolor Calfskin
  3. Love the color!

  4. Thanks a lot!

    Has anyone seen it?
  5. Any info on size, price and leather? It look really cute, but don't know how much can actually put in!!! Thanks
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1400141028.210054.jpg

    Looks very pretty.
  7. Oh, I love this bag (wallet)! It is my first time seeing or hearing of it, but absolutely adore the looks. I just looked it up on and it is 2.800 Euros. It is shown in swift leather on-line. Thanks, Happy, for giving me one more bag to dream about!!:loveeyes:
  8. Believe it is brand new. Sounds like H's answer to a wallet on chain, not really a bag. But very cute and great colors! Someone reported seeing one in a window, I believe in Sydney. I look forward to seeing it IRL.
  9. More pics of Mini-Convoyeur
  10. i love this bag its like a simple discrete pouch that i would love for my easy daily outings i usually wear my jige for this but with astarp and it looks light i LOVE IT !!!!!
  11. yay a H woc?
  12. thank you for all the eye candy!!

    wowzers...what is the name of the beaut on the right?

    and, is it shown here in vert anglaise evercolor leather? I know vert anglaise comes in epsom and evercolor for fall...

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  13. Would be interesting to see what fits inside.

  14. The bag on the right is called Convoyeur, which is the inspiration for Mini Convoyeur. The below one in Barenia is from F/W 13 collection.