Does anyone know this bag??

  1. Hi everyone!!
    I lucked out and won a Christian Dior...:yahoo: ..Well, I think that I lucked out??:shrugs: , because ever sence I recieved it, I have been searching for it and can't find out anything about it so I am starting to get nervous. I was told that the value of the bag was $700.00 US and everyone that sees it thinks it is beautiful, but it is really not me. I know nothing about this bag. I have no idea what it is made of, if it is really worth that amount, or for that even if it is authentic? If anyone knows anything about this bag....Please let me know.....I am more for the leather look with the long skinny look, but it is hitting ebay if it is real and even if not, but I have no idea what to ask. I would never want to rip anyone off. On the tag, it says, that the bag is a sn VEA43001 and Beige. It also has Veau lisse on the tag and 2467 and it is also monogramed and embroidered??:hysteric: The pics are on the bottom o my page~~


  2. Hi PEILady!

    Uh oh...your bag is definitely fake. Dior actually never made a bag that combined the Diorrisimo with the vintage flowers. And according to Ebay's policy (and even the law), you cannot sell a fake bag even if you tell people you're selling a fake. It's like selling bootlegged DVDs/CDs, or using counterfeit money.

    I'm really sorry to disappoint you. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  3. :crybaby: ouch. This is not good, but thanks for letting me know
  4. That bag is a fake. Dior would not stamp that grocery store looking sticker of 2467 on any bags. Its one of those fake from china. Sorry girl!
  5. :crybaby: Oh mannnnn....How I won it was I had bid on a $1000.00 surprise box by spending $100.00, and it was on EBay. I have the list and she valued it at $700.00. Is there anything that I can do, or am I just screwed out of money? I have no idea what the designer replicas are worth, but I doubt very much:shame: ....I feel sooooooooo dumb
  6. Oh man. I am totally lost now. What I meant to say by selling the bag was as a replica in a local paper, but then I recieved an email from C Dior Company this morning in Quebec and they think that it is authentic?? They think it is an older bag? They said "
    I don't know, but is probably an old bag. If you go to Paris, take the bag with you and go to Avenue Montaigne at Dior Boutique. have good day

    Denis Granger
    Directeur de la boutique Christian Dior
    And we all know I am going to Paris soon*LOL*!!!! Even more lost!!!
  7. Hi again PEILady!

    There is no chance that this bag is real, and you can verify that by visiting a nearby Dior outlet in Holt Renfrew (I think the one in Montreal has a Dior boutique section), or driving to the US and trying there. However, it would be a serious waste of your time since this bag is fake.

    Having a fake is like having fake can't spend it (you can't sell the bag back legally) :sad:

    If you don't mind wearing a knockoff, then maybe you can use it to keep stuff in.
  8. MayDay well said :smile:
  9. It isn't that I don't believe you, but why would the people that work at Dior tell me they think it is authentic and it is an older bag?
  10. I believe it is most store's policy not to point out that a bag is fake, even when it is obvious, they want you to send it off for authentication.
  11. I agree. Also, Dior representatives may not know every line that was produced very well (they may not be as familiar with the details of each line as their consumers are, especially older lines), and they don't want to simply dismiss one of their real bags as fake bags just because they aren't familiar with the design. Dior also has a lot of limited edition bags that never make it to certain boutiques, so some reps may have never seen those before.
  12. hey PEIlady,
    if you have doubts dat is a fake DO NOT bring it to paris, they are really strict on fake items there even at the airport. I have read in local european news on how much hell they give you if they suspect that u are carrying a fake.
    Try to get it authenticated at a local Dior. maybe ask them if they can make some pics and hv it send to the Dior HQ for verification.
  13. ouch... sorry hun. that's a pricey fake, too.