Does anyone know this bag?

  1. I saw someone carrying this in Munich (Germany) today - I could read on the tag it said something like "The Original D..." - couldn't make out the last words. Any help would be much appreciated!

    PS - I don't know if it's a higher end bag, an 'inspired by...' bag or something totally cheap - it doesn't really matter, though - I just love the look!

    Thank you all :yes:
  2. i don't know anythign about this bag, but boy it's pretty :p

  3. i agree. it's a gorgeous bag. wish someone knows!?
  4. I like the look too. I don't know for sure but the straps/buckles kind of resemble something Prada has done.
  5. Mmm - would Prada have a tag saying The Original blablabla? Not sure... Ohhh I so want to have it! :push:
  6. I don't know but it is lovely.
  7. aww too bad! you should have asked the lady what bag it is.. its so stylish!
  8. ^^^ Yea ITA you should have asked her that's a great looking bag...good luck.
  9. Marc Jacobs? Coach?
  10. it is Prada!!!
  11. Really? Any idea when from? Thank you so much!:idea:
  12. Hi well I just had this comment on my blog (shameless plug, I know), from Señora Cartera:

    "The bag you saw is made by Prada. It's from the Spring 07 collection. Very beautiful. You have great taste. Here's the link to wear you can find it:
    The tags say "The Original Deerskin". That pretty much gave it away.
    Good luck."

    So, mystery solved - and you were right! Thanks for all your help, girlies! :tender: