Does anyone know the WE stock or X-Courier stock at BalNY?

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  1. Of course, I can always call later. But thought I'd check first here on the board. Thanks!

    Almost forgot, I'm interested in both RH and GH Weekenders.
  2. bumping this back up.......ICB, do you happen to know?
  3. This might be off a bit since I got this stock list a while back...

    Grass Green (I know they have this for sure), Truffle, Black, Oxblood, Blueberry, pale lilac, berry red (I think this might have been sold to a PF'er last month), Cement (greige), Sapin, White, Ink Blue (not sure about this one but it was on the list), Cornflower

    MEN'S WEEKENDER (longer handles, silver hardware)...
    Grey (I think I still have a photo of this one Terry had sent me), Ink, Chocolate, Black

    Again...not really 100% accurate.
  4. Thanks ICB!