Does anyone know the stock in BALNY?

  1. anyone?

    Also, do they have an email address where I can contact them or shall I just call.

    Please let me know. TIA!
  2. For which styles?
  3. incoralblue : do u know what are the colors available for weekender and work bag? Are they also expecting any new accessories as i tried to email Daisy but haven't hear from has been days and still didn't receive any response....sigh.....Well, i prefer not to call due to the different locations and rather not incur long distance calls....:smile:
  4. Celia_Hish....

    WORK with classic hardware...

    black, oxblood/grenat, forest green, truffle, naturel, emerald, white, olive brown/marron, cafe, grass green, marine, french blue*, aquamarine*, sandstone*, anthracite

    WEEKENDER with classic hardware...

    black, vermillion, grassg green, cafe, naturel, blueberry, oxblood, cement/greige, forest green, truflle, white, ink blue*, cornflower, grey*, pale lilac,

    colors with * I think have sold out since I got this list but email them for it if you want that color.
  5. Thanks incoralblue, btw, do u have any idea abt Men's weekender? What are the colors available? sorry for troubling u....appreciate it!!
  6. Only the FBI and the cleaning lady know for sure - :shrugs:
  7. For Day with GH.
  8. What about Part-time in the Giant?
  9. Okay with the Men's Weekender i'm not so sure...

    Black, Ink, Grey...there's a couple more but I'll have to get back to you on those...

    also for Mimi23...I'll post in a few...have to head to work in a bit.
  10. Thanks incoralblue......u mean INK (comes in purple tones) for weekender? well, i will still continue to email them and find out....sorry to trouble u.....thanks anyway.....:smile:
  11. Yes that's a possibility that it's been sold so check with them. They also have on the list for Men's Weekender the Chocolate/marron from FW '05...again check for availability.
  12. How abt Vert Gazon twiggy???...i want one...(heard tht it's sold out in France)

  13. thanks incoralblue!
  14. I emailed them asking about their stock in Giant part time and city, and got the following reply today. Hope this helps.
    In the Giant part-time ($1645): black, truffle, cafe, aquamarine,
    anthracite, sandstone, seagreen, and vermillion red.

    In the Giant city ($1595): black, white, sandstone, truffle, cafe,
    aquamarine, anthracite, seagreen, marine, french blue, vermillion red,
    grass green