Does anyone know the Retail value for coin/key case?

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    Im interested in Dior logo and diorissimo coin/key case. Does anyone know the retail price for both of them? Also does it have any attchable keyring like the louis vuitton cles?

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  2. anyone?:blink::cry:
  3. Thankyou Mayday:yahoo::wlae:
  4. hi susukim,

    i'll check for you tomorrow when i head down to dior alright. ;)
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  7. accckkk, went to the dior in selfridges, the male assistant who knew everything completely ignored me (hrrmph!). was served by a semi-clueless female assistant who was nice enough to check the prices, but she couldn't find it on the computer database. :shrugs:

    generally, looking at the diorissmo range on display the price was about 100ish pounds. (i guess elux wins for price then)

    i know the gaucho wallets were going for around 250 quid a pop, and the rebelle wallets were going for 20 quid more than the gaucho wallets. the cannage wallets were gorgeous. in general, the long wallets were in the 230-270 pounds range.

    the romantique line they had was very limited, SA only managed to find the quotation for the black mink bag, which is a whopping 900 pounds and it's not yet at any of the uk stores.

    i reckon that the new additions are still waiting to come in from the motherland (paris).

    i'll check it out again for you when i head over to manchester in two weeks' time (if you still want the prices). i got a card from her, so i can easily call them up again (and quote the reference number this time. she was trying to find it in her file of little pictures, but couldn't).

    and speaking of the cannage drawstring, it does look cheap, the leather is soft, but it's soft to the extent that it seems somewhat flimsy cheap. i don't know, it's a pretty quilt and all, but it just seems so blah.

    the trotter romantique line is definitely TDF.
  8. awwwwww those are very cute :heart: