Does anyone know the retail of caviar clutch? PIC SHOWN

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  1. Anyone know the retail on this bag? Or approximate? Is the caviar clutch with the CC on the closure.

  2. Looks like lambskin to me, but I could be wrong. The caviar version of this bag is $895.
  3. Thought the NM catalog said $995 but I could be wrong. I love that!
  4. I believe that she's carrying the lambskin as well. Caviar is $895 and lambskin is $995. I thought I read that there was a price diff between the white and black? Someone can confirm.
  5. I believe the lambskin is over $1000 now.

    Saks NY just received a shipment of caviar clutches, if anyone is looking for one.
  6. Last I heard, these were the prices. No difference between black and white - that was a mistake.

    Btw, it's pics of VB with the timeless clutch that made me want it sooooo bad! :nuts:
  7. It is $895.