Does anyone know the regular retail price of this?

  1. Hi fellow TPFers,
    Can someone please help me out on the retail price of a similiar bag as this shown as I want to check if it is much difference to a 2nd hand one. And sorry bag alley, i had to use one of ur pics. Thanks you.

  2. when i tried on the herbag i think it was around $1800 maybe??
  3. The Herbag has been discontinued. Though I hear that they still have quite a number, oddly enough, in Bangkok airport(can anyone verify this?). I will be flying there on the 13th and will check out prices. It is NO MYTH when I say that the non-leather bags(Fourre Tout, Garden Party, etc) are a bit cheaper in BKK Airport than anywhere else in SEAsia. I have made a few purchases there and have always come home beaming.

    If you really wanna get a Herbag, I discourage getting a 2nd hand one. Wear and tear cannot be repaired by Hermes any longer. They have stopped taking in Herbags for repair/spa treatment as per my SA in Kuala Lumpur. All they do for Herbags today is to send it for dry cleaning for the toile/canvas section.

    If you are going to get it second hand, then better have some John Lobbs Leather creme for a bit of wipe every now and then and Hermes' leather treatment/polish for a once a year moisturisation.