Does anyone know the reason for different wording

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  1. Does anyone know why the wording is different in UK and USA?

    For example

    UK site || US site

    pointu scarves || triangle scarves
    small pockets || pocket squares
    diary refills || agenda refills

    Is it just the way people use these words in conversation? After all, both countries speak English!
  2. I think that's probably the know...elevator, lift., lorry...etc.
  3. ^^ yup UK diary... US calendar etc
  4. I always heard that England and the US were two countries separated by a common language.

  5. I am taking a stab here. Maybe the terminalogy used in UK is closer to the French site? As they are "closer" and it's better to use the same terminalogy as chances of UK Shoppers within the EU are higher than going to US?

    Another thing I feel US terminalogy are "straight to the point" :biggrin: so instead of pointu scarf it is Triangular scarf :flowers:
  6. Hey Lvrjrt, I missed your JRT avatar :heart:
  7. :roflmfao: reminded me of my UK trip to Durham a few yrs ago when I saw a sign on the freeway, "DANGER LORRIES". My DH and I were like.." ACK!!!!@#$%^ WHat are lorries...???!!! Quite Terrifying~":sweatdrop:
  8. Hayden :roflmfao: My gf and I had a long and lengthy discussions on Plumeria and Frangipani. Lift and Elevator. Boot and Trunk. Trolley and Shopping Carts. Lorry vs Trucks :roflmfao: Fetch vs sending/pickup from Airport. And countless spellings of "s" vs "z".
  9. UK English takes on quite a few French loan words quite easily - and we gave the French back 'Le Weekend'!

    Pocket squares look like handkerchiefs to me in any language.

  10. LOL That is so true!!:lol:
  11. Thanks, Princessfrog! I'll get her back after she's had a bath.
  12. "pointu" is french, isn't it?