Does anyone know the prices of the Zoe's with the current (July coupon)

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  1. thank you
  2. Same prices as before...

    Med - 229 plus 30% off PLUS 20% coupon ~$128
    Large - 259 plus 30% off PLUS 20% coupon ~$145
  3. The only one I know is the large leather (12669) is $259 - 30% = $181.30 - 20% coupon = $145.04. Plus whatever the sales tax is for your state.
  4. oh wow so they went on sale...since I got my zoe...good to know!
  5. Wow... makes me want to call up and see if they have the color I bought.

    It would be about $70 cheaper.
  6. Today I took my woven Zoe back, (still new with tags) and repurchased it with the 30% discount and coupon. The SA did not want to do it at first, but once I started making a fuss she went ahead and took care of it. Refund $55 + tax for a medium.

    If you still have the tags I would take it back and repurchase.