does anyone know the price of this purse at the outlet

  1. its from last year at the outlets. I think that price is high for it. I would keep my eye out, I think you really could find it for cheaper
  2. It was half price last time I paid attention to it (early Feb or so?) It is a bag that was specifically made for the outlets.
  3. the white one was going for $170 at my outlet last week.
  4. I've only seen the white one - and I think it was smaller than the one you are showing.....I'll keep an eye out.
  5. Hi everyone!
    I have been kicking myself for not buying this white polka dot tote years ago. :sad:

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get my hands on one. I'm kind of scared to try eBay on my own because of all of the fakes.

    Thanks so much!!
    coach dot gallery tote dimplechks.jpg
  6. that is a SUPER cute tote!! i have never seen it!
  7. that bag is almost 3 years old. eBay is going to be pretty much your only bet

    every once in a while a new with tags one shows up, but they go for around $400-$500 (retail was 398)

    most of the ones that show up are used and they still go high

    since it's such an older bag, eBay is about it

    GOOD LUCK!! :yes:

    if you find one on ebay, post it in our "authenticate this coach' thread at the top of the coach forum and we can authenticate it for you.

    I'll keep my eye out too!

    welcome to tpf!!
  8. Thank you!
  9. there were a ton at the outlets not that long ago. like 2-3 months.
  10. hramaliv- can you tell me which outlet(s) you saw the bag at?
    would they do a charge send for me?
    omg- i would be so excited to get it directly from coach!
    thanks so much!
  11. The "dot" bags that I saw at the outlet a few months ago were the camel color NOT the white.
    The white is from a few years ago. I was sorry I missed the tote when it first came out in the store so when it came back to the outlets I grabbed it. It's still one of my favorites and I always get compliments on it.:smile:
    Here's a pic of the color I saw.