does anyone know the price of the CC logo necklace?

  1. hi ladies! does anyone know how much this retails for?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. I'm not sure what size that is. I'm pretty sure it's either $275 or $325 though. Definitely check the Accessories thread in the Reference library! I've seen pictures of those with prices and style numbers. :yes:
  3. If that is the smallest one it is $200CAD with the price increase.
  4. Very cute - like it.
  5. Thanks missisa07 and blusingbaby!!
  6. I agree!! :smile:

  7. I thought I saw one in the reference library for $375.
  8. Yeah I thought I saw one for 80 pounds, or for 105 pounds. I wasn't sure whether it was the exact same one.

    The one that I'm enquiring after (as shown in the photo) - the logo is 0.5" by 0.6"
  9. I saw one at Bloomingdales for $250, awhile back.. not sure if it was the same size.
  10. hi juicyguccipucci, was it like the size of the really popular chanel crystal CC earrings?