Does Anyone know the price of a White Baby Cabas?

  1. I thought they were $1795 but when I received mine yesterday (:yahoo:), I had been charged $1995. When I checked the price tag, I noticed that the price had been cut off. :wtf:
    I have emailed my SA for clarification and I am waiting for her response.
    Should I be concerned?
  2. I believe they went to $1995 after the last increase even though some people recently got them at the old price of $1795
  3. Sratsye, Thanks for the info...I feel better already. :sweatdrop:
  4. i have a white I am returning to BG at the old price of 1795 PM if you want me to tell the SA's too hold it for you and call you on my return.
  5. shmoo88,
    who is your SA in BG? i am looking for a white cabas? i will give a call to your SA once the bag is arrived at the shop.
  6. Juan or Alla at BG. He called me to say he received 2 more white ones at the old price, $1795.
  7. Why are they receiving all the white ones at $1795? that is so weird?
  8. I bought it for 960 GBP.
  9. Maybe it is a glitch in their computer system?
    They were back-ordered stock.
    The black came in at $1995.
  10. I am sending the white baby cabas at $1795 back to Sak's attn Joseph/Juan if someone wants it callfor one of those two and ask for the the bag being sent back from Lacey.