Does anyone know the % of items that actually end up getting sold on ebay?

  1. Hello everyone!

    So I'm thinking about selling some of my things on eBay (to suppose my purse habit of course) and I was wondering if it was worth it (since you have to pay seller fees and all). many auctions actually do end up having bidders that meet the min. amount set by the seller?

    And finally, I've been reading up alot of seller/buyer negative stories and experiences on here. ...and please don't be offended but I think there's more negatives about eBay here because in general, we just have a tendency to say negatives instead of positives. so, Does anyone have success stories with easy to work with buyers/sellers? I just feel like the more I go on this forum, the more I'm discouraged from getting into eBay....

    And if you think I shouldn't even start "ebaying", are there other avenues I can take to sell my things in a much more secure way?
  2. Well, to be honest with you, when I sold on eBay, I only had ONE non-paying bidder I had to file on, out of probably 500 auctions I put up. Out of the rest, I only had to eat one other auction. (Didn't sell twice) But I wasn't selling high end items that people try to scam you on. Mostly I sold collectable toys, comic books, jewelry componants and costume jewelry, and only a few auctions went for over 100.oo.

    Also, this was back before PayPal and scamming became a way of life on eBay. I accepted money orders and personal checks, and I never had a problem with those. With chargebacks on CC and PayPal, and people who nit-pick tiny scratches and marks not disclosed in the auction, I doubt I will sell again like I did.

    IF you want to sell "stuff" and not the high end items, I'd say go for it. but educate yourself on just what scams are in place, and be careful of what can happen. I wish you luck!
  3. That's a very difficult question to answer as there are sooooo many variables. It depends what you are selling, how sought after it is, how much you expect for it as opposed to what is a viable amount and how many of your item there are on the site at that time.

    Best thing to do is look at completed listings and see what similar/same items have gone for.

    Remember to be realistic about the price you list your item at.

    Don't be put off eBaying as you can meet some lovely people and do bear in mind that the chances of having problems are still incredibly small
  4. thanks for the feedback so far! I am planning on selling one high end bag (for 1k) and another somewhat high end bag (for approx 200). The rest wouldn't break $100. So I guess I am really mainly worried about that one high end bag. Like, what if I ship it and the seller claims to never get it (but really did) and they get their money back AND the bag...and I end up losing money??

    With the stuff less than $100, that's what my question was mostly referring to....will you still make a profit selling less valuable items despite the fees that ebay emposes on sellers?