does anyone know the number for mulberry bicester?

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  1. Hi, I've been trying to call Mulberry bicester all weekend and the number is constantly engaged. This is the number on the bicester village website 01869 322 882.

    I'm trying to ask about this 10% off for students, as 'Mulberry London' is apparently not affiliated with Mulberry at all. York has never offered this discount. Just phoned SM and also have never heard off or offered this 10% off for students.

    Has anyone used their grazia 10% off yet? Are there any conditions with that, or if Mulberry are accepting it at all?

    I girl needs (or maybe it's wants) a new bag and purse.

  2. Chinesegem, I've been trying all weekend too...constantly engaged.
    The number you have is correct but I think they've taken it off the hook, they did this the week after Xmas too!!
  3. why do they do that? the easter rush (or christmas rush) is over......
  4. Probably not enough staff and too many customers! Keep trying though, they are open late during the week so you should get through soon.
  5. Could you please let us know what/how you know this.
  6. Hi Riffraff,

    In an earlier thread, Grazia and Bicester started by Flossie, Mulberry London posted the following

    I phoned York and they had NEVER heard of this discount before. The manager even went to the trouble of checking the website and said, and I quote, "It's a fake. That didn't come from Mulberry." I said that this a posting by their London office and she said hadn't been told this before. They've never offered students a discount and won't be doing so. I even phoned Shepton and although didn't quote the site, she also said they've never offered students a discount and haven't been told to for future purchases either.

    From this I conclude that Mulberry London doesn't speak for the outlets that are suppose to offer the discount. I wanted to phone Bicester too, but haven't been able to get through.

    Have any of you ladies used the Grazia discount in Bicester yet? Do Mulberry accept it? Are there any conditions?

  7. Have you checked with Mulberry's customer services about the student offer?
  8. You can use the Grazia discount on any purchase over £100 in Mulberry as long as the item is NOT already half price or less.

    For instance - if you wanted to buy a Roxanne which was priced £295 then you couldn't use the 10% Grazia voucher because at £295 the bag is already half price.

    You can only use the Grazia voucher on one purchase as well - not on everything you buy on that day.
  9. Ali-bagpuss - thanks for the info. I thought there would be a long line of conditions with Mulberry. Even though they have an outlet and participate they still need to keep their exclusivity somehow.

    Sarajane - I could check with mulberry customer services as 10% off would equate to quite a lot. Thanks