Does anyone know the names of these 2 Chanels?

  1. Hi, I saw these two bags on the net and I'm wondering whether they are real.
    I also like to know the names of the bags.
    Can someone help me?
    5.JPG 10.JPG
  2. I think those two bags above are fake.
  3. i think they're fake too
  4. I know the photo's are fake but did chanel ever make this STYLE bag... I really like them...
  5. that's why I need to know what they're called, will make it easier to find real ones
  6. I like the first one... hope chanel really did make this style - would make a nice every-day bag
  7. joannelj, you asked in your first post whether they are real, and that's what some members answered, so please calm down. Chanel made both bags, but I don't think they are available anymore. Also, Chanel doesn't name their bags like other designers, which makes them a little more difficult to find.
  8. never seen them!! i would be very cautions:girlsigh:
  9. fake but I don't think they were ever made
  10. hmmm......I've search on Google, but couldn't find them. Does anyone have one of these bags, so that I know that they really exist?