Does anyone know the name or order # of this sweater?

  1. I really want it; they feature it in the latest Coach catalog but it is not on the website. Also, what is the retail on it? TIA!!!

  2. BUMP! Please, I need this!!!
  3. im pretty sure its the LEGACY STRIPED CARDIGAN style# 80278 $398. its imported mohair blend and available in select stores in October...
  4. That's hot. I wonder if I can use my PCE card on it?
  5. Thank you!!!! I am going to Coach today to try to order it. :yahoo:
  6. wow its just a sweater :wtf:
  7. It's just a sweater, but the mohair makes it more expensive...
  8. :push: I know. My friend met me at Coach today; I showed her the sweater and she thought it was super cute. Until she realized it was not a coat. I have a feeling it will not be a keeper. :sad: