Does anyone know the name of this Vernis?

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  1. Anyone know? TIA

  2. i've never in my life seen it, but it looks like a Fleur Vernis pseudo-Jasmin. it might not even be real :shrugs:
  3. um its weird ive NEVER seen this bag before ;(
  4. Looks FAKE to me.:sweatdrop:
  5. Yeah, the Vernis looks too matte.
  6. 'cloudy' is more like it :lol:
  7. Thanks guys. I can usually tell fake vernis, folled me, I thought it was one I hadn't seen it....Yikes!
  8. er.. looks strange..
  9. Not a bad style though, Vernis Jasmin...
  10. This bag has Jasmin Shape, Lockit' handles..very creative lol..I don't mind if LV makes this style..
  11. Hah.. and in the listing it says 100% authentic Louise Vuitton. :cursing:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.