Does anyone know the name of this Kate Spade Bag?

  1. Hi I'm from Singapore and I'm new to this blog. I am looking for this Kate Spade bag and wonder does anyone know the name of it? and where can I find it. Thanks for your help:flowers:
    kate spade.jpg
  3. You should check her website.

    It's from the fall or spring collection of 05. I think that it might be a spencer in the chocolate/coral combination.
  4. It's a Larrabee Noel...Samson I think? From this Spring's collection.
  5. I know those are still in stores, you might call Kate Spade near you to see if they have one...
  6. Thanks for all the information. I'll start the hunt now, let me know if you have more information about this bag.
  7. baglover....I had a bag that I wanted to know the name of. I went onto the Kate spade forum on eBay,which isrun by the same woman as the website I gave you and they told me the name in 2 seconds. They are very knowledgeable. Just go to eBay - communities and look for kate spade
  8. I wrote to Kate Spade and they told me this is Larabee Noel Annette. Unfortunately our Singapore store here has sold out this design. I'm looking for online stores now that carry this design and deliver to Singapore. Any idea which online stores carry Kate Spade?
  9. You can try and buy from there.
  10. You could try your luck on eBay too. Just make sure to check for all the points that make it authentic. I don't think that design is copied much but I can be wrong.
  11. Nordstrom and neiman marcus carry kate spade online.
  12. I've tried all but was told that it has been sold out.:sad:
  13. I'm still on my Kate Spade Larabee Noel Annette hunt. Anyone idea which other online shop carries Kate Spade Handbag? Any website in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan. I've tried all UK & US site but can't find any.
  14. Hi, I maybe able to help you. Email me directly at