Does Anyone Know the Name of this Jimmy Choo Bag?

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  1. Does anyone know the name of this bag? I am looking for a white calfskin bag with goldtone hardware, and I think this could be the one. Does anyone own it? If so, what is your experience? If you spot one on eBay, please let me know.


  2. That bag is definitely from the Tulita Collection. I cannot pin it down. It looks as if the Tulita and the Tam had a baby. There are elements of both. Anybody know???

    Where did the picture come from?
  3. eBay. I bought a chocolate Riki from the same seller last year. I think she pulled the listing to sell the bag to someone outside of eBay. Now that I can't have the bag, I'm obsessed. I took a copy of the listing to the Jimmy Choo boutique in Beverly Hills and was told that it had been discontinued, but I didn't think to ask for the name of the style.
  4. Love that bag!!:drool::drool:
  5. I've never seen that. That's beautiful! Good luck on the hunt!
  6. Criminy! I meant to say "It looks as if the Talia and the Tam had a baby."

    I still have not managed to find a name for the style. Are we 100% sure it is an authentic style? jmcadon and Samantha know more about the 2005/2006 bags.
  7. I have seen that bag before, but don't remember the name. I think someone has it here on tpf. I'm pretty sure there was a question about one a couple of months ago. I remember that it had the pockets or buckles on the side of the bag like this one. I would say early 2006?
  8. I know this one:yahoo:!!!!! It's the Pocket Hobo from the Tulita line.
  9. You are SO cute :cutesy:
  10. YAY for V_o!!!!!!!
  11. :love:I wish they had a smilie that shows a person bowing down to the knowledge that you guys have and have and shared with me and all of us.:tender:
    Man many many thanks to you and J!!(any anyone else that I've bugged the crap out of in my quest for JC knowledge.

    Ya'll are too cool for schoo:supacool:l!! :heart:
  12. Hey, NO Problem:nogood:

    Anytime we can help a Fellow Choo Lover :yes: