Does anyone know the name of this bag?

  1. Hi all... I'm new here! I was browsing on ebay and was wondering if anyone knows the name of this bag?

    (hopefully this link works)
  2. I'm sorry, I can't help with the name of that bag. I've not seen a Chanel bag like that before, but I haven't been collecting long enough to know all of the bags Chanel designs.
  3. you can link the auction if it's not yours, maybe w/ more photos/description we can help.
  4. Welcome to PF!

    I have never seen that bag before.... sorry. Just some friendly advice..... be very careful with ebay etc and post your finds in the 'authenticate this' section (see above). The girls there are very knowledgable and will study the photographs and advice you about the seller. Then based on what they say you can then form your own opinion on whether or not you want to move forward . Best of luck :heart:
  5. Where do I find the "authenticate this" section?
  6. There are 2 sub-Forums within this Chanel Forum, one is Shopping and the other is Reference Library, the Authenticate This! sticky is in the Shopping Sub-Forum. Both are listed at the top of the Chanel Forum.