Does anyone know the name of this bag?

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  1. This thread was posted in the handbags and purses topics bu SuLi:
  2. wow hmm i wouldnt know but the bag is lovely..i shall do some researchh =D
  3. oooh thanks for asking Janicemph I saw this bag and I was in awww.:drool:

    Do tell?
  4. That's a really nice bag, I also would like to know the name. Is it a current style? It doesn't look like anything I've seen posted in Chanel threads, where they show the pages from the stores book.

    Name and price please :yes:
  5. Have you found out anything on this bag yet?
  6. this girl had one at our temple, i think its part of the classic, hers was brown, it looks kinda like the LV trouville and hers was lambskin
  7. Has anyone located the name of this bag yet?
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