Does anyone know the name of this bag?

  1. I found a picture on eBay, it's item: 200197552644. This is NOT my auction. I just want to figure out the style name of this bag and what season it's from. TIA!!
  2. It's the Seventies Satchel in indigo from the Fall 2007 season. In the future though please post your question in the Name That Mj Bag!!!!!!!! thread. :smile:
  3. That is a MJ Seventies Satchel - its from Fall 07 I believe.

    Just FYI- for bag ID's next time- please post in Name that Bag sticky.

  4. of and another heads up - these are on sale at off Saks right now, with a 30% off coupon for just under $700.
  5. Oops! Sorry about posting in the wrong spot. I picked one up at the Saks outlet (I also had some credit) so got it for $600. There's no style name on the tag and I really wanted to know what it's called. Thank you everyone for your help. :smile:
  6. no worries- and congrats! make sure to post some photos for us to ooggle over!