Does anyone know the name of this bag?

  1. I just bought this bag from chanel a week ago...and i have no idea what its called. I'd really appreciate it if someone can name this bag! I have a hard time explaining to people what the bag is...haha..btw it comes in burgundy, navy, and beige (i think) but the different colors are only avaliable thru Saks.

    Thank you!!:heart:
  2. I think it's called [SIZE=-1]Timeless CC Flat Strap Satchel. Is the price $3,450?
  3. price is $2395.00.
  4. yes, thats the name and I have been loving this bag since i first saw it...are you loving it azhangie?
  5. I thought is was the new bowling or bowler bag, this the bag that replaced the other bowling bag with the "skinny" rolled handles, right???
  6. It's from Fall Act 1 from the "Timeless CC" collection (got this info from the lookbook my SA sent me a while back). I have the one for $2595 in the same shape (bowler) in burgundy and LOVE it. So durable and lovely. Enjoy.
  7. Timeless CC Satchel
  8. thank you!!! I love this bag...i know there are 3 sizes and i got the smallest one.
  9. Congrats...enjoy your new fabulous bag!!!