Does anyone know the name of this bag?

  1. I'm sure the Kooba queen of the universe will show up any moment to help. Lexie....where are you???? She will be able to impart vast knowledege........
  2. The first bag is cute, but not brand new, she is upfront about the flaws. I'd say authentic, but I don't know the style name.

    The second silver one has been covered in the Vintage thread, (I try to put all the interesting older bags in that thread) I plan on bidding on that one myself, but forsee bidding going pretty high, so we'll see.
  3. The Kooba Queen can impart absolutely nothing...LOL First one is unappealing to me but it's a Vintage Kooba something ot other...LOL
    The 2nd one is gorgeous but I know Rose wants it so I will keep hands off. Plus the silver is not for me. No bids yet and lets hope it stays that way. Hope you get it Rose!
  4. I also believe it's called the Carmen and it appears to be authentic to me as well.
  5. Thanks so much girls! That's my Carmen...;)
  6. Oh Wow, I really LOVE that black one. I'm glad I didn't horn into your Wanted Carmen after all :p. But can I make a Kooba Wish in advance? If a Black Carmen shows up on eBay, can it be mine????
    I need another black bag like another hole in my head but that Black Carmen is Drool worthy for sure.
    Look at that leather!! It looks like Black Sienna leather!!
  7. OM Gosh, I'm thinking anyone who has that bag is probably going to hang onto it, lol!! It is gorgeous, and I'm so glad Koobalover knew the name of it so we could see more pics, does she happen to have one?

    I can't wait for mine to arrive-the dimensions sound huge; but it looks workable on the model.
  8. It doesn't look that big when on the model. Maybe it's the angle but it doesn't look like a 17 x 10 bag at all. You'll have to measure your bag when you get it and let us know.
  9. How do you girls find these bags on the Kooba web site??

    I know it's says sold out, but when I go into there's no trace of it...
  10. The only way to find the old pics is to have the name and search Google. Then it comes up on an old Kooba page but isn't on the main
  11. ^^^