Does anyone know the name of this bag Spring 2014 RTW

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  2. I'd love to know more about this bag too! And its dimensions as well!
  3. I read from a HK magazine that this is the "Oxer" bag, lined in canvas and it's priced over 10k USD.
  4. Wow!! Thats spendy!!
  5. From "More" magazine

    Oxer HKD$85,100

  6. love the design, but for that price, i will stick with my Birkin...
  7. wouldn't it be cute in a smaller size.... i'd love one
  8. i think i could go for this as a day bag but i too think it may be big still i like how its all leather less H-W
  9. Honestly I think it looks nicer on its own than on the models. On the models it just looks like a shapeless school bag. It's definitely not worth $10K! I do agree however it would look cute in a smaller size.

  10. +1 a small one would be cute!
  11. Lol its Hermes.
  12. I would have to see irl but first glance doesn't do it for me

    Named after the oxer jump for the outside handles?
    Credit spruce meadows
  13. Like the color of the bag but don't think the bag looks like a 10k bag
  14. :lol:True, but I always wonder why bags with less structure demand such high prices, I can understand the constance and the kelly but 10k for a bag like this? Why?
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    hmm really Oxer??? there was a picture of one in my Harpers Bazar in white. I think the soft shoulder bag is becoming a new in thing. I rather have a kelly in a soft leather Retourne for that price. or a Constance Elan. I would have thought of it if it was 8000. Maybe if they have a smaller one it will be that price. I like the double handle thing.

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