Does anyone know the name of that bag???PIC!!!!!

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  1. Hey all of you louis experts...please help me with this...
    I saw this video in about SOs and I saw this \/ bag...
    I'm talking about the slim steamer behind the regular one!
    Please does anybody know if it's available and the price????!!!
    If you go to louis vuitton site and see the video about special orders this bag goes from mono to damier and finally I think from the picture nomade!!!!
    Please help...I'm in love!!!:heart:
    Preview of “Louis Vuitton- French fashion designer”.jpg
  2. It looks like a long Steamer bag.
  3. yeah it does but it's pretty slim...maybe it's smaller?!
    thanks for the response FRG!!
    Come on guys someone must know!!
  4. You know the lock part also looks like the Hermes birkin clouser.:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.