Does anyone Know the Name and have a pic

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  1. I was in Chanel a couple of weeks ago, and I saw something that looked like a travel bag and I keep thinking about it. I'll try to give it my best description from memory, I'm pretty sure it had the small silver CC's dangling, it was black and $1200 something. Kind of looked like a large bowler. Does this sound familiar and is it in fact a travel bag?:confused1:
  2. Could it be the Paris Biarritz line? Was it a coated fabric with large flat quilting?
  3. Is it this one? Not a great pic but I can't get to it at the mo for a better photo.
    Paris-Biarritz is what I've been told on here. It's perfect as a carry-on. :tup:

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  4. ^ I think it was the large one here..Is it a travel bag?It was fabric
  5. Yes, it's a travel bag (for me anyway ;))

    Fabric and leather. There's a zipped pocket at the front for tickets and passports with a huge compartment for everything else. As I said, perfect as a carry-on bag. :tup:
  6. Awesome, thanks! I'm thinking about getting it, since my husband has me traveling everywhere trying to get me over my fear of flying...a chanel will help with that I'm sure!:winkiss:
  7. ^haha, girl, with that kind of an incentive I'm willing to fly anywhere! Post pics when you get it for us to drool over. I was intently staring at the exact same bag in Paris while DH was paying for my mini. He looks over and says "I'm gonna die if I found out the price of that HUGE one!"
  8. luvmbj, the one in Paris was larger, a better carryon size. The top fabric part was a larger portion than the one pictured in the thread you referred to above. I think it also had shorter handles, meant to be hand carried...
  9. Yes, I thought the same with the handles. Do you know the name of it? what was the price? The one that I saw was $1200 something...I was surprised!
  10. No, I have no intel on it except for the fact it was GORGY! My eyes kept wandering back to it where it sat on the top shelf. And I kept giggling inside because I thought, "oh this is too good" seeing a sign with a red dot placed right on the shelf it was sitting on, thinking it might be on sale! When I tried to use my 10% off purchase card on the mini, I was informed the discount is not applicable to Chanel or any other designer/line that displays the red dot sign. Boo-hoo for me. I have been searching the forum for pics of the huge carryon I saw but all I got is it is from the Paris Biarritz ligne. Let me know what comes up on your end, I'd love to know all about it as well.